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Repairs are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of service.

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You'll get an estimate of time and cost in advance so you will know what to expect.

Warm Springs Technology

Trust Recapture Tech

to safely and accurately repair your high-tech devices.

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Computer & Electronics Repair

Bath County, Virginia

Recapture Can Help

If you're having problems with your computer, printer, mobile device, network, TV, or game console, you can trust us to resolve the issue and get you going again quickly.  No longer will you have to drive an hour to get your device serviced.  Now there is computer and electronics repair nearby.  You'll find that we can deliver the same service for less money, without the hassle.  We offer on-site service for business customers and same-day service is available in many cases.


We Take Service Seriously

We'll listen to your issues and concerns and tell you how we can help.  You'll get an estimate of time and cost in advance so you will know what to expect. We assess each problem individually and troubleshoot based on experience and information you provide about the problem you're experiencing.

Service Warranty - Repairs are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of service.  If the same problem returns, Recapture Tech will fix the problem for free (plus the cost of necessary parts) OR provide a refund of the labor costs (part costs are non-refundable).


A+ Certified Computer Repair TechnicianCertified Computer Technician

Very few computer repair folks in the region are certified.  Don't let an amateur who just likes to play with electronics tear apart your expensive equipment.  Trust an A+ Certified Professional Computer Repair Technician to safely and accurately repair your high-tech devices.


Local & Convenient

Recapture LLC is locally owned and operated by the Glenn family of Bath County Virginia.  We serve all of Bath County (Millboro, Warm Springs, Hot Springs, Bacova) and surrounding areas (Highland County, Augusta County, Rockbridge County, Alleghany County, Pocahontas County,  and the towns of Monterey, McDowell, Clifton Forge, Goshen, Craigsville, and Deerfield, VA).

2814 Main St.
Suite 2D
Hot Springs, VA


Evening & Weekend Hours

Monday - Thursday: 10AM - 6PM
Saturday: 10AM - 2PM


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Visit the following pages to learn more about how we can help you:

Computer Repair / Upgrade

Windows Help

Virus Removal

Optimization (Tune up)

File Backup

Data Recovery


Remote Assistance

Printer Service

Smartphones / Tablets

Television Repair

Video Game Systems


Also offering Image Services:

Photo Restoration

Photo Colorization

Print/Negative Scanning

Brochure / Business Card Design

VHS to DVD Conversion


Other useful sites

Windows 10 Help

Search for a local Computer Repair Service Tech 


Computer & Electronics service in Bath Co

All Computer & Electronics Services

  • Whether you need a new screen, a motherboard, or just a little help setting up email and other apps on your phone or tablet, we
    Fix it
  • Whether you have a LCD, LED, or Plasma, we can fix your TV so you don’t have to buy a new one. No matter what
    Fix it
  • If your printer needs serious repair or just a little TLC, we can get it printing like new again.
    Fix it
  • We can provide troubleshooting to diagnose your computer problems and repair or replace the troublesome part(s).
    Fix it
  • Whether you're seeing strange and cryptic Windows errors, or the infamous blue screen errors (a.k.a Blue Screen of Death), we can get your system running error-free.
    Fix it
  • Whether you have a Playstation, Xbox, or Wii, we can fix your game system or accessories so you don’t have to buy a new one.
    Fix it
  • We have the resources and the knowledge necessary to remove all types of malware. Once your computer is clean, we will perform all of the
    Fix it
  • Whether creating new networks or troubleshooting problems with your existing configuration, we'll get you connected.
    Fix it
  • Whether you've lost individual documents (i.e. word documents, spreadsheets, pictures, etc.) or your entire system crashed, we can help you find your files.
    Fix it
  • A file backup system is one of the most important things you can have these days. Keeping extra copies of your important files - documents, financial
    Fix it
  • No, we don't make house calls. But with Remote Assistance, it can be like we are sitting at your computer.
    Fix it
  • We can clean up your hard drive, get rid of unnecessary / unwanted programs, and improve performance. When done, your computer will be healthy, secure, and
    Fix it
  • Let us restore your photos, reverse the aging process, and return the photos to their former condition — or better. Picture restoration can add new dimensions
    Fix it
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