Printer Installation / Maintenance

Bath County, Virginia

How do I set up a new wireless printer?

What do I do if my printer is jamming or misfeeding? Why does it say "printer offline"?

Why are my prints distorted?  Why is it printing light?

Whether you want a new printer or to repair / upgrade an older one, we can help you take advantage of the latest technology.  We service laser printers, inkjet printers, thermal (label) printers, and multi-function devices.  We also repair plotters and wide format printers.  You'll have peace of mind knowing your printers are running and properly maintained.  If your existing printer needs serious repair or just a little TLC, we can get it printing like new again.

Printer Troubleshooting


Printer Setup

Did you get a new printer and need it installed.  Do you want it networked so multiple computers can print to it?  Contact Us.


Printer Cleaning & Maintenance

Dust and paper scraps can interfere with sensors, rollers, and the movement of paper through the machine.  A thorough cleaning of your printer, inside and out, can significantly improve performance.





Printer Repair


Printer Repair

Just like a car or any other machine, printer parts wear out over time.  The rubber rollers that pull the paper through the printer wear down and cause misfeeds or jams; the fuser can fail, causing prints to smudge; the power supply can fail, preventing any printing.  We can replace your worn out parts and get you printing again.


 Commonly Replaced Printer Parts:



LSU (Laser Scanning Unit)

Power Supply

Control Panel



Contact us and we'll get it fixed.



Printer Repair