Windows and Other Software Assistance

Bath County, Virginia

Why is my Windows update not working?

Why am I seeing weird error messages?  What does this error mean?

Why is my computer is slower than it used to be?  How can I speed up my computer?


Does your computer show strange errors, frequently crash, drop the Wi-Fi signal, or any other strange behavior? We can help! With years of experience with Windows (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Windows 11), we can find the solution to your problems no matter which version of Windows you are running. Whether you're seeing strange and cryptic Windows errors, or the infamous blue screen errors (a.k.a Blue Screen of Death), we can get your system running error-free.

Windows Errors   Blue Screen of Death


Upgrades / Downgrades

Windows 10 Upgrade

Do you want the latest version of Windows?

A newer version of Windows will be more secure, have the latest features, and will be a more reliable system.  We can help with upgrades to Windows 10 / 11.  Don't worry - you won't lose any data (pictures, documents, emails, etc.)We'll back up everything and make sure none of your data is lost in the transition.
If you still have Windows XP, Vista, or 7, you really should upgrade to a newer and more secure version.  Older versions leave you vulnerable to malware attacks and many programs are no longer compatible with the old operating system.


Software Assistance

We can also help with popular software programs like Microsof Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.), QuickBooks, Adobe Photoshop, antivirus (Norton, AVG, Kapersky, Malwarebytes, and more), email (Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc.), and many more.


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Computer Optimization / "Tune-up"

Why is my computer running slowly?  How do I speed up my computer?

Why is my computer taking a long time to start?

How do I get rid of programs, popups, menus that are getting in my way?

Is your computer running slowly?  Do programs take forever to load?  Want to speed up your computer?  It is probably time to "tune up" your computer!  Let Recapture Tech clean your system and get back the speed your computer should have.  We can clean up your hard drive, get rid of unnecessary / unwanted files and programs, and improve performance.  When done, your computer will be healthy, secure, and up-to-date.

PC tune up

Included in an Optimization:
✔ Remove unwanted / unneeded / malicious programs
 Clean up unnecessary files
 Check hard drive for errors
 Check memory for errors
 Check Windows registry for errors
 Defragment your hard drive
 Install necessary Windows system updates and security patches
 Verify / update antivirus and firewall software
 Recommend system improvements (i.e. memory upgrades or security software)


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Back Up Your Important Files

How do I recover lost / deleted files and pictures?

How can I back up files on my computer?

How do I keep my files if I need to replace my computer / hard drive?

Is your data backed up?  Would you be devastated if you lost important pictures or files?  A file backup system is one of the most important things you can have these days.  Keeping extra copies of your important files - documents, financial records, emails, pictures, videos, etc. - can be a vital safeguard against viruses (malware), hard drive failure, fire, and theft.

There are basically three options:

Backup Media - You can manually copy your important files to a CD/DVD or USB thumb drive.  You can then store the media in a drawer or off-site for added security.  The downside is you have to remember to perform the manual backup regularly and you might not always remember to copy each important file.  We don't recommend this method.

Automated External Backup - External USB hard drives are relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain.  They usually includes software that will make regular backups of your important files on a regular schedule.  If your computer becomes unusable due to malware or hard drive failure, you will still have copies of all your important files.  We can help you with installing an external USB drive and configure it to your preferences.

Cloud Backup - While external USB drives protect your files against malware and hard drive failure, they don't necessarily protect them from fire or theft.  That's where cloud storage comes in.  This type of backup systems sends copies of your files to an off-site location.  (Servers used for off-site file storage are commonly referred to as "the cloud.")  When your files are backed up off-site, even the most catastrophic disasters to your computer won't affect your files.  We can help you set up an account and configure automatic backups to "the cloud" for complete peace of mind.

We will make sure you have a backup system that copies all of your important data.  If disaster strikes, you'll be covered.

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Recover Your Files

What do I do if I accidentally delete a file I needed?

How do I restore an old version of a document that has been changed?

How can I recover files from a broken computer?

Have you lost important files?  Did you hit 'delete' before you were read?  Whether you've lost individual documents (i.e. word documents, spreadsheets, pictures, etc.) or your entire system crashed, we can help you find your files.  Using special software, most files can be restored even if you have emptied the Recycle Bin, changed the existing file, or even if your computer doesn't work.

Unfortunately, sometimes the files have been corrupted or overwritten so much that only the FBI can retrieve them.  We'll attempt to find and recover any lost files and return things to the way you want them.

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Network Setup and Maintenance

How do I connect multiple computers?

How do I share your files and/or internet connection?

Why does my wireless network keep dropping?

Do you need to share files from one computer to another?  Do you want to print from multiple computers to one printer?  Do you have several computers but only one internet connection?

We can help with that!  Whether creating new networks or troubleshooting problems with your existing configuration, we'll get you connected.  Once connected, you can share files between multiple computers, share an internet connection, and print to one printer from multiple locations.  There are a variety of networking options and strategies.

Network Troubleshooting

wifi help

Computers can be connected via ethernet cables and a router, or with a wireless router (WiFi),  Because wireless routers allow connections without wires, they present security concerns.  Installing network security and firewalls can prevent unauthorized access to your network.  We can help you with every step of the process.

Having problems with your internet connection?  Does your wifi signal keep dropping?  We can fix that too!


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Fun Fact:  The term "WiFi" does NOT stand for "wireless fidelity."  It doesn't stand for anything.  Although it looks like "HiFi" which stands for "High Fidelity," WiFi is not an acronym and is simply made up. Phil Belanger, one of the creators of WiFi, said "We needed something that was a little catchier than ‘IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence.’”