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Who can fix a cracked cellphone screen?

Are there cellphone repair shops near me?

Why is my phone / tablet not charging?

Where can I get my headphone jack fixed?

A broken cell phone can leave you feeling lost and disconnected.  A cracked phone screen can make it difficult to see what you are doing.  A phone that will not charge might as well be a paperweight.  Phones and tablets are a vital tool in today’s technology driven society.  You need to get your device working as quickly as possible.

Recapture Tech is here in Bath County Virginia to help with all of your iPhone, iPad, or Android device problems.  We can fix your phone or tablet so you don’t have to buy a new one.  Nine times out of ten, repairing your device will be cheaper than replacing it.  Whether you need a new screen, a battery, or just a little help setting up email and other apps on your phone or tablet, we can help.

Fix Broken Screen


Fast and Reliable Smartphone Repair and Tablet Repair Service

We offer fast, affordable and reliable cell phone and tablet repairs and are equipped to service the latest iPhone and Android devices.  We provide service and replacement parts for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Motorolla, Nokia, and all other major makes and models.  Whether you have the latest model or you are still attached to your old flip phone, we can diagnose and repair the issues you are experiencing.

Smartphone Repair

Smartphone and Tablet Repair Services:
Replace cracked or damaged glass & LCD screens
Hardware and software installation and upgrade
Replace battery
Repair charging ports
Replace headphone jacks
Replace Home buttons, etc.
Data recovery (device storage and SD card)




Contact us and we'll get it fixed.

Not local?  Mail your device for repair with our Mail-in Phone Repair Service.



Phone & Tablet Repair


All Computer & Electronics Services

  • Whether you need a new screen, a motherboard, or just a little help setting up email and other apps on your phone or tablet, we
    Fix it
  • Whether you have a LCD, LED, or Plasma, we can fix your TV so you don’t have to buy a new one. No matter what
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  • We can provide troubleshooting to diagnose your computer problems and repair or replace the troublesome part(s).
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  • If your printer needs serious repair or just a little TLC, we can get it printing like new again.
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  • Whether you're seeing strange and cryptic Windows errors, or the infamous blue screen errors (a.k.a Blue Screen of Death), we can get your system running error-free.
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  • We have the resources and the knowledge necessary to remove all types of malware. Once your computer is clean, we will perform all of the
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  • Whether you have a Playstation, Xbox, or Wii, we can fix your game system or accessories so you don’t have to buy a new one.
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  • Whether creating new networks or troubleshooting problems with your existing configuration, we'll get you connected.
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  • Whether you've lost individual documents (i.e. word documents, spreadsheets, pictures, etc.) or your entire system crashed, we can help you find your files.
    Fix it
  • A file backup system is one of the most important things you can have these days. Keeping extra copies of your important files - documents, financial
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  • No, we don't make house calls. But with Remote Assistance, it can be like we are sitting at your computer.
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  • We can clean up your hard drive, get rid of unnecessary / unwanted programs, and improve performance. When done, your computer will be healthy, secure, and
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  • Let us restore your photos, reverse the aging process, and return the photos to their former condition — or better. Picture restoration can add new dimensions
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