Local Mac Service

Bath County, Virginia

✔ Service for all Apple Mac computers.
A+ Certified Computer Technician.
✔ Fast, friendly, helpful, and professional.
✔ Locally owned business.  Recapture Tech is here in Hot Springs Virginia.
✔ Repair your Mac rather than replacing it.
✔ $50 per hour plus replacement parts cost.


Commonly Replaced Macintosh Hardware:

Hard Drive
Memory (RAM)
Video Card
Optical Drive (CD-ROM, CD Burner, DVD, etc.)
Network or Wifi Card
Power Supply


Fast and Reliable Computer Repair Service

We can also service computers and laptops of a variety of makes including: Dell, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Sony, IBM, Micron, NEC, and more.  Whether your computer is doing strange things or not even starting up, we can diagnose the problem and get you going again.

Located at:
2814 Main St. Suite 2-D
Hot Springs, VA

Mon-Thu: 10-6
Sat: 10-2


Contact us and we'll get it fixed.